Isabelle Simi learned quickly that the only way to crush the competition was to crush grapes. Over the course of 70 years, she led this winery from the brink of collapse during Prohibition to the California winemaking limelight.

Success is in SIMI’s roots. Every sip won’t just teach you about a boss who never settled for anything less than she was worth. It’ll inspire you to do the same.


The Landslide vineyard and the hills behind it shine in full daylight.


One of the most complex vineyards in Alexander Valley, Landslide is comprised of five distinct soil types that were created by a volcanic landslide from Mount St. Helena. The vineyard also has three different distinguishable sections and several microclimates.

The rolling hills of the Alexander Valley rise up behind the SIMI Winery vineyards.


Just north of Healdsburg lies one of Sonoma County’s finest winegrowing regions: the Alexander Valley. Known for its diverse soils and complex geology, the warm Alexander Valley is well suited to red Bordeaux varieties, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fog shrouds the trees that surround SIMI Winery's Russian River vineyards.


Many natural forces occurred over hundreds of thousands of years to make the Russian River Valley the heralded wine region that it is today. The Pacific Ocean’s cooling fog drifts into the vineyards, preserving lifted acidity while fully developing ripe fruit flavors.


Isabelle Simi began what would be a long line of successful female winemakers here at SIMI. Certainly then, and especially now, success is diluted when we highlight gender before profession. An asterisk over a passion. So to honor that work and the work of so many others, we address our trailblazers as “Female Winemakers.” A basic privilege Isabelle never had and just like the leaders of today, always deserved.


Hailing from Santa Rosa, Lisa Evich studied Environmental Studies & Planning at Sonoma State University, then she felt the vineyards call to her. It was the science of winemaking, the art and the craft that could translate a place into a bottle.

Lisa began her career with 9 years at SIMI before taking up positions at Pine Ridge and Arrowood. In 2015, she returned as Winemaker. In 2022, she became the Director of Winemaking, carrying on the winery's historic legacy of female-led winemaking.

Lisa says, there's no greater compliment than for someone to tell her that SIMI is their house wine.

Lisa Evich, Director of Winemaking
Rebecca Valls, Winemaker


A few visits to Sonoma County to see her family during the summer and Rebecca was hooked on this region. An Upstate New York Native, she graduated from Sonona State University with a degree in biology.

After stints at both Clos du Bois Winery lab & Sonoma-Cutrer®, she achieved the title of Assistant Winemaker. Her passion for winemaking brought her this far, but that was only the beginning.

Since, she has joined SIMI Winery as Winemaker. Rebecca enjoys working alongside
a great team of female winemakers, producing great wines that exemplify the
best of SIMI, and representing the region she has always loved.


We can't wait to share the goodness with you.